On election eve, I find that I’m something like a child thinking about Tuesday.

It’s like Christmas, New Year’s eve, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Presidents’ Day all rolled into one.

But I don’t know how well I will cope with the next 48 hours. So much is at stake that I am fully of anxiety.

How are you coping with the next 48 hours?


16 responses to “Giddy

  1. Bourbon.

    No, seriously – just getting out and doing a lot of canvasing this weekend, and then getting ready to be up at 6:00 AM tomorrow to start driving people to the polls.

    I’m nervous.

  2. M was sick all last week and wasn’t up to par over the weekend, so that put a little bit of a wrinkle in my Friday canvassing plans.
    I’ll be up early tomorrow to cast my vote! I’m so excited!
    What are your election night plans??

  3. GB, hah! Yeah, I’m also finding that self-medicating can be helpful in these uncertain days!

    Thanks for the work you’re doing. I’ll also be up early to vote and to get people to the polls.

    I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight!

  4. Laura, so sorry to hear about M’s illness. I hope she’s feeling better now.

    I have a bottle of champagne chilling and will spend the night at home celebrating and talking on the phone (unless things go totally awry!). Do you have big plans?

  5. I know the feeling – there’s no way I’ll sleep tonight. I feel like I’m 7 years old and it’s Christmas Eve. Crazy, isn’t it?

    Are you all attending any election night parties? I can’t decide where I want to be. I’m leaning right now toward a good bottle of wine and a pizza at home. Fortunately, some neighbors are having a party – if my nerves ease, I’ll just walk down the block!!

  6. No, it’s not crazy. I’m feeling the same way. I’ve popped a couple benadryls in hopes that they help me sleep.

    I just want to fast forward 24 hours.

    No election night parties for me. I live too far from the city to attend a good one, so I’ll be having some neighbors over, eating some shrimp and having cocktails. And then there’s the bottle of champagne to uncork when David Gregory gives Obama 270 EVs or more.

  7. We have a bottle of bubbly too. No plans other than to sit tight, drink beer, and watch the results (on MSNBC of course).

    Maria is feeling much better. She is going to wear her “Kids for Obama” shirt today!

    I got so choked up in the voting booth this morning. This election has been a true emotional roller coaster.

    Please let it be a landslide!

  8. Chris from San Francisco. I am so happy IN is not a glowing ruby red! Great work to you in IN for turning the tides and let the Blue run in!

    We are all up tight here in SF. Most folks I know are too anxious to talk about it. Didn’t sleep last night.

    Si Dios Quiere.

  9. Exits in IN looking quite good. Knock on wood.

    VA has me worried. I’d have hoped it would be called by now.

  10. Yeah, but I’m feeling good about VA. Isn’t NPvA reporting late? And AZ too close to call. And IN really is looking good!

  11. NoVa is late in reporting. Good news for Obama. Still, I’m nervous. But, OH to Obama. This might just be over.

  12. with OH, it’s over. Allbthe Kerry states plus Oh = President Obama!

  13. Olbermann just pointed out that with what he’s already got, plus CA, Obama is at 255.

    I’m still nervous, but now it’s because I just can’t fucking believe it.

  14. it’s over. Kerrybstates + Ohio means we win.

  15. it’s over. Kerry states + Ohio means we win.

  16. It is over. I’m speechless. And now I just need – absolutely need – VA to fall for Obama.

    And come on Indiana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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