No Treats for Kids of Obama Supporters


If you can’t click the viswo because you’re at work, the basic thrust of the piece it that one Shirley Nagle questioned trick-or-treating kids when they knocked on her door and wouldn’t give candy to kids whose parents support Obama.

She even posted a sign outside her home that read: “No handouts for Obama supporters. Liars, tricksters, or kids of supporters.”

It’s so pathetic, it’s hysterical.

I don’t know if Shirley knows that her batshit crazy side is showing.

4 responses to “No Treats for Kids of Obama Supporters

  1. Wow, I hope she’s prepared for the TRICKS that kids play, like TP her house, key her car, throw eggs on the car and house and others.

    After all, one good trick deserves another…..

  2. I can expect that this lady just created more young Democrats in her sad and empty…
    This lady is a poster-thing for why the GOP is dying. Please pull the plug and let the Priest administer the last rites. (On the party, not the lady. I need her for 2010. )

  3. Good point, Kelly. Let’s also hope that she gets what’s coming to her tomorrow!!!!!

  4. This story is an odd one. On Friday, I considered greeting trick-or-treaters in an Obama t-shirt, but I decided against it because it might alienate some GOP kids — after all, it’s not their fault that their parents are Republicans. If only that mean lady could have had the same thought — she wouldn’t be helping to brandy her party as the one of the petty meanies.

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