An E-mail from Marina in Argentina

This morning – election day morning, I received an e-mail from my friend Marina in La Plata, Argentina. Like many things I’m seeing these days, it made me teary:

Last night on Argentine television a journalist spoke (an Argentine who is in the US for the elections) spoke, and underneath, you could read: “The end of the Bush era.”. It’s very clear. The American people are tired of lies and abuse. The people have said enough!  To injustice within and without their borders. The fact that the American people are going to vote for something new, different,  and fresh tells us a lot about a people who have grown and who have clear ideas about how to take a different path It’s a people who have grown wiser. Welcome change! And we congratulate the American people.

Of course, we are paying a lot of attention to your elections (and those of the European Union), we live from the consequences of the great country to the North, as many call the United States.

I remember, do you remember? I’ll never forget this. The first time when we met, we had lunch and someone mentioned that there were problems because someone in the American army was robbing jewels and treasures from the museums in Iraq and you said you were sorry.  I will never forget that. You were always aware of the good and the bad of your country and its government. That’s really good. And now, after many years, you can see that you were not alone. Now there are many, many Americans who can clearly see “reality.”

A new era is beginning.

So I can understand your excitement.

What a wonderful way to begin election day!


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