What Was Sarah Palin Cooking???

Sadly, I’m still obsessed.

Did anyone see her on Fox’s Greta show last night?

She was cooking in her business suit and put some hot dogs in buns and then placed them in the oven.

Who does that? I was worried about the buns burning.

Later, she stuffed the hot dogs with cheese.

Again, who does that?

I’m not questioning her abilities as a chef, but what the fuck was she doing with those hot dogs?


2 responses to “What Was Sarah Palin Cooking???

  1. I like ketchup on my hot dogs.

    Somewhere in Chicago, someone just screamed out in agony.

    FYI, I think those were moose hot dogs.

  2. Heh! Terrant!

    Yes, I also think they were moose hot dogs.

    But my problem with her method is that it’s unlikely that the hot dogs would be heated before the buns burned. It seemed like bad way to do things.

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