Senate Democrats Remind Us of Who They Really Are

Granted, President-Elect Obama is a Senate Democrat. So they’re not all bad.

But they were the ones who were the worst Bush-enablers who helped bring us the Iraq war, and not one of them had the guts to support the challenge to the Bush v Gore results. It only took one of them to support the resolution brought up by the Congressional Black Caucus to challenge Bush’s ascension in 2000.

As expected, they are sticking up for one of their own, Senator Joe Lieberman, who represents the worst cowardly impulses of spineless Democrats.

Let’s look back on some of Joe’s best quotes:

On Iraq:

Every day Saddam remains in power with chemical weapons, biological weapons, and the development of nuclear weapons is a day of danger for the United States.

How’d that turn out, Joe? Where were the stockpiles of WMDs in Iraq?

On Howard Dean:

I share the anger, but, ultimately, to govern this country, it takes more than anger. It takes experience. It takes positions that reflect the best values of the American people.

Bullshit, Joe. You were never angry about being misled about the Iraq war. You were its biggest cheerleader. We had every right to be angry at the time, and you were one of the people with whom we were angry.

On the Iraq war:

Some in my party threaten to send a message that they don’t know a just war when they see it, and more broadly that they’re not prepared to use our military strength to protect our security and the cause of freedom.

Joe, preemptive wars against countries that pose no threat to our country are just wars? Again, bullshit.

And then Lieberman decided to support McCain and attack Obama:

Colleagues like Barack Obama were voting to cut off funding for our American troops on the ground.

Joe, you know that’s a lie.

In the Senate, during the three-and-a-half years that Sen. Obama has been a member, he has not reached across party lines to accomplish anything significant, nor has he been willing to take on powerful interest groups in the Democratic Party to get something done.

Joe, uh, so you discount Obama’s work with Lugar? And you really think Obama should have reached on other issues where there was no common ground.

Lieberman isn’t even a real Democrat. Connecticut Democrats rejected Lieberman in 2006, and Lieberman was only elected in a 3-way race againt a a real Democrat (Ned Lamont) and an underfunded Republican. Lieberman carried the GOP vote.

So what does this have to do with other cowardly Senate Democrats?

It seems they are going to keep Joe as chair of the Homeland Security Committee.

Glenn Greenwald writes:

If that happens, there will be one important silver lining:  it will remind many people, who have understandably forgotten due to the euphoria last week, exactly what most Beltway Democrats are, what their priorities and beliefs are, and to whose opinions and concerns they do and do not pay attention.

It is worth remembering that the Democrats who are going to exert dominant political control are the same ones who have provoked so much scorn — rightfully so — over the last several years, and particularly since 2006.  This is the same Democratic Party leadership which funded the Iraq War without conditions (and voted to authorize it in the first place); massively expanded the President’s warrantless eavesdropping powers; immunized lawbreaking telecoms; enacted the Patriot Act and then renewed it with virtually no changes; didn’t even bother to mount a filibuster to stop the Military Commissions Act; refrained from pursuing any meaningful investigations of Bush lawbreaking; confirmed every last extremist Bush nominee, from Michael McConnell to Michael Mukasey; acquiesced to even the worst and most lawless Bush policies when they were briefed on them; and on and on and on.  None of that has changed.  That is still who they are.

I’m excited about President-Elect Obama and the role he will play in history as he tries to move our country forward.

But at the same time, I’m hoping that his leadership allows Senate Democrats to act like Democrats and grow a spine.

I’m not optimistic on that front.


2 responses to “Senate Democrats Remind Us of Who They Really Are

  1. I think it would be detrimental to the building of bipartisanship. Sure, some of the things that he he were out of line but also remember that the democrats stabbed him in the back in 2006.

    I think that Bayh has the right idea in regards to Lieberman. Give him the option to apologize and move on. It would gesture of goodwill on the democrat’s part to not punish him (plus it would give the republicans one less weapon to use).

  2. Lieberman was ousted in the CT Democratic primaries bc Democratic voters in that state preferred a guy who wasn’t Bush’s lapdog, especially regarding the war. The GOP didn’t have a viable candidate so GOPers, some independents and some Democrats voted for Lieberman, and Lieberman won. He wasn’t stabbed in the back.

    Establishment Democrats supported Lieberman in the primary, but once he lost in the primary, those same establishment types backed Lamont, as he was the party’s nominee.

    And I also like Bayh’s idea about Lieberman. Joe should apologize, but he won’t. Ever.

    Bayh need to stick to his statement.

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