Serial Obsessions

Do you remember the recount of 2000?

I sure do, and it introduced a new way of living to me.

During those dark days, I wasn’t able to read the internet from work, so I’d hurry home to read the different threads on Table Talk while watching TV and throwing shoes at it at the same time.

Joe Lieberman said we should count military votes cast after the Florida deadline?

I’d ask myself while throwing a shoe at the TV.

The Bush administration came into power and I had a few mini-obsessions.

Protesting Bush’s inauguration was the first and then , the second seasons of Survivor and Big Brother occupied way too much of my time (what was I thinking?).

And then 9/11 happened and as an obession, that one was a given. As was the lead-up to the Iraq war and the early days of the war. I had a hard time believing that Americans were so gullible that they would buy Bush’s argument that Iraq posed some sort of a threat to the US.

I was pissed. And obsessed.

And then Howard Dean happened and most of 2003 was occupied by that obsession while 2004’s obsession was getting Kerry elected.

That didn’t turn out well, so my obsessions became nonpolitical. Dogs, cooking, and graduate school were my obsessions after the Kerry loss. Those obsessions were probably more healthy than politics.

And then Obama happened. That obsession started slowly when I watched him announce his candidacy in 2007. I liked him a lot, but was afraid to commit because Dean’s loss broke my heart. But I got over it, as supporting losing Democratic candidates is something that I have historically done. My first choice for president in 1988 was Paul Simon, in 1992, it was Jerry Brown, in 2000, it was Al Gore, and in 2004, it was Howard Dean. If I supported Obama, the poor guy was doomed, I feared.

But then Obama started winning caucuses and primaries earlier this year. And then he kept winning all the way through November 4.

I had found my new obsession, and I loved it. I loved the thrill of watching his speeches, seeing the returns from the primaries, and doing my part to help elect Obama when I could.

The same was true in the general campaign against McCain.

And then Sarah Palin came onto the scene and I couldn’t get that loathesome woman out of my mind. She took up way too much room on this blog, I know. But I still can’t believe she happened.

Then, Obama won.

I’ve been irrationally exuberant since then. Electing Barack Obama has been a great thing for this country, and though I know he will disappoint at times, I think he will be a hell of a president.

But now, what the hell am I supposed to be obsessed with?

Sure, there are a lot of interesting things going on right now, but it’s been hard to find one thing to focus upon.

How am I supposed to live without an obsession?

Maybe I should just go on a long walk and do some other things I enjoy.


One response to “Serial Obsessions

  1. I understand the feeling.

    It’s like waking up the day after a weekend long party and trying to figure out what you should do first; take a shower, eat some food or start cleaning up. None of it sounds good, but your up now, so you might as well brush your teeth.

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