High Speed Rail in the US?

God, please let this happen:

Senators John F. Kerry and Arlen Specter introduced a bill today to fund high-speed rail lines along the East Coast and in several other key areas of the country.

Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat, and Specter, a Pennsylvania Republican, said the legislation would help repair the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, and at the same time create jobs when the country appears headed for a deep economic recession.

“At a time when our economy desperately needs a jumpstart, we need an effective national investment that puts Americans back to work,” Kerry said in a statement. “A first-rate rail system would protect our environment, save families time and money, reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and help get our economy moving again.”

One of the many things that has me excited about the Obama administration is his promise to rebuild infrastructure in the US. Besides repairing crumbling roads and bridges, we need to build a rail system that will transport passengers across the nation quickly, efficiently, and comfortably to give Americans affordable transportation options that don’t involve airplanes, buses, or oil. We can get the economy moving again while making ours a better country to live in.

While we’re at it, can we also build a national Wi-Fi network that will include rural areas?


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