Who ARE These People??

Thank you Sarah Palin!


A political action committee is thanking Gov. Sarah Palin for her conservative values and service to America in ads timed for release around Thanksgiving.

Our Country Deserves Better Committee, a PAC that supported Palin during her vice presidential candidacy, will begin airing the ads on Tuesday.

In one, comforting music plays as images of Palin are flashed on a screen and a male voice says, “Gov. Sarah Palin, a grateful nation wishes to thank you for serving the people of America with a servant’s heart.”

The more cynical among us might prefer to thank Sarah Palin for giving us endless hours of comedy and for handing the election to Barack Obama.

One response to “Who ARE These People??

  1. This stuff just blows me away. But, I can only hope that she maintains a presence within the Republican Party.

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