Predictions for 2009

  1. Colts Giants will win the Superbowl again.
  2. The market will tank, but rebound strongly in the fall. It will be down around 10% in 2009.
  3. President Obama will remain popular in polls at the end of the year. Despite a crisis or two, his approval rating will remain well above 50%.
  4. There will be a terrorist strike in Paris.
  5. A 10% unemployment rate will not be uncommon in most states.
  6. Bush will not have the foresight to pardon all the criminals in his administration. There will be trials of the most corrupt, unpardoned people.
  7. Democrats will enjoy watching a GOP civil war. Social conservatives will win that battle, but in the end fiscal conservatives will prevail.
  8. Proposition 8 will be overturned by CA’s Supreme Court.
  9. I will continue to not read my 401k statements.
  10. The dollar will be incredibly weak by the end of 2009. Very few Americans will be able to afford to travel abroad.

Your predictions?


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