One Last PUMA Video

I used to think that PUMAs were just defiant bad losers who live in a delusional world. But then I watched the video below as posted on Wonkette.

Where to start?

I feel saddened and entertained by Ms. Jenifer Lynn Beegle.

There’s so much Ms. Beegle doesn’t understand.

Is she stupid, or just badly informed?

I vote for a lot of each.

Clinton won the primaries? We live in a democracy? She thinks she’s not allowed to talk about Obama? There’s so much.

My favorite part is when Ms. Beegle states that the Democrats decided that they didn’t like Hillary, so they worked for Obama.

Um, yes, those would be Democratic voters who decided they liked Barack more than Hillary.  Such a strange sense of entitlement she has. And mix that with ignorance, selfishness, and myopia, you have a PUMA.

Another favorite line of Ms. Beegle’s is: “I am the furthest thing from a racist. I am an American.”

And then she became a fervent McCain supporter? It appears that policy matters don’t concern Ms. Beegle. Barack and Hillary were virtually identical in their policy positions. But she doesn’t care about that. It’s all about her and her Hillary.

I wonder if Ms. Beegle and Harriett Christian are friends?

But just watch the video and be amazed and amused.


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