A Response to Michael Steele

Dear Mr. Steele:

This evening, I was proud to receive an e-mail from you. Who wouldn’t want an e-mail from the RNC Chair?

I hope you’re enjoying your new job; I’m sure it can be challenging at times, but also rewarding.

But I was concerned about some of the points you brought up in your letter, so I’d like for you to clarify some things for me.

You wrote:

Last year the Democrats told voters they would bring “change” to Washington, but their version of change has been to push America to the left farther and faster than I think anyone could have imagined.

Mr. Steele,  Republicans seem to have poor imaginations. Wasn’t it that Condi that said “no one could have imagined that terrorists would crash airplanes into buildings” when the intelligence indicated that Bin Laden planned on doing just that?

Obama did campaign as a centrist. And now he’s moved the country slightly to the left. Very slightly. Do you really think that overly-cautious and incremental change is a push to the left greater than anyone could imagine?

Nah, I don’t think so either.

Last year the Democrats told voters they would bring “change” to Washington, but their version of change has been to push America to the left farther and faster than I think anyone could have imagined.

That is why I believe America needs the Republican Party now more than ever before.

Well, yes, I would agree. We always can use a healthy and functioning opposition party, especially when one party controls the executive and legislative branches. Democrats really do need principled Republicans if they seek to govern effectively and honestly.

Across our nation, some people who were willing to take Barack Obama at his word when he campaigned as a reasonable, moderate candidate are coming to realize the unfortunate truth.

Candidate Obama talked about fiscal responsibility, about government living within its means. But President Obama is spending with reckless abandon and saddling our children and grandchildren with mountains of debt.

Candidate Obama boasted about cutting taxes. But President Obama will have to raise taxes to pay for his massive top-down government explosion.

First, yes, a majority of people voted for Obama. They voted for him because they wanted him to enact his agenda. And as president, he’s acted as a reasonable moderate executive. In what ways has he shown himself to be anything but what he campaigned as?

Second, no, I’m not a fan of TARP, either. But faced with the economic problems Obama inherited, how should he have handled the crisis? I take it you’re against the stimulus, but do you really think that we should decrease government spending during a deep economic crisis?  Should Obama have done nothing?

Third, Obama has put forth the largest tax cut in American history. I’m getting a little bit extra in my check every pay period. I’m a thrilled about those extra $30 every two weeks? Not so much, but the objective reality is that Obama has cut taxes for the vast majority of Americans.

I don’t know if Obama will raise taxes on most Americans or not, and neither do you. But your president Bush oversaw a “massive top-down government explosion” and never bothered to find a way to pay for it. Did you speak out on Bush’s spending habits?

Candidate Obama talked a lot about being bipartisan, but he has yielded his legislative agenda almost entirely to Nancy Pelosi who has repeatedly shut Republicans out of negotiations on important legislation, from economic stimulus to the budget to health care.

Um, no offense Mr. Steele, but how is President Obama supposed to work with people who seek to do nothing but obstruct his agenda? Show me where Republicans have offered ideas on the stimulus or health care? GOP politicians don’t even believe in universal healthcare, for God’s sake!

President Obama and his Congressional allies have shown America their true agenda.They are leftist radicals bent on transforming our constitutional republic into a socialist “utopia” by dismantling the free enterprise system, eroding the rule of law, imperiling our national security, and curtailing our freedom.

Leftist radicals? Where do you guys get this stuff? Who is suggesting that we turn our country into a socialist utopia? And who is trying to dismantle the free enterprise system? Seriously?

And how is the President eroding the rule of law? What laws have been broken? Or are you maybe referring to Obama’s reluctance to prosecute those who ordered torture?

Imperiling national security? Wow, you and Cheney must be tight. Too bad the GOP’s 2008 man-crush, General Petraeaus disagrees with you.

And how in the world is your freedom being curtailed? Did he campaign on taking away guns? No. Does he have plans to take away guns? No. Did he campaign on the Fairness Doctrine? No. Is anyone serious about renewing the Fairness Doctrine. No.

I just brought up those issues, because I know your base tend to obsess on gun control and the Fairness Doctrine, but if you can tell me how President Obama and the Democrats are trying to curtail freedom, I’m all ears.

Oh, and why does the link that you provide just take me to an RNC fundraising site? I was hoping you were pointing me to a page that provide evidence that Obama is Stalin plus Hitler divided by Mao.

Tea Party movements to protest outrageous confiscatory taxation by Washington, renewed enthusiasm for strong local government, and concern for the loss of traditional American values are growing.

Sigh. Ok, so the teabaggers were protesting that their taxes were lowered, they want their mayors to have more power, and because they don’t think that gay people should have the ability to legally protect their families? Is that what the Tea Parties were about? Thank you for clarifying, because from my seat, all I could see about the Tea Baggers was that they were upset about some kind of amorphous mess. To me, they just seemed to be pissed that their side lost an election.

And that is why I’m asking you to continue your support of our efforts. America is looking for leadership and it’s our responsibility to step up and provide it. Please help us lay the groundwork to win back government for the American people by making a contribution of $1,000, $500, $100, $50 or $25 to the Republican National Committee today. Your gift will support the recruitment and election of principled candidates who will roll back the Democrats’ damage and govern with humility and respect.

Our time is coming. We can and must be ready to lead the fight. Thank you.


Michael Steele
Chairman, Republican National Committee

Thanks, Michael, but excuse me if I opt out of sending money to help you provide leadership.  Your party’s leadership is largely responsible for the mess we are in today. Did your president Bush say that he was going to govern with humility?

But anyway, I thank you for writing me. It was a very nice gesture, so I’m wishing you luck in all your future endeavors.




2 responses to “A Response to Michael Steele

  1. Nice answer. If Obama is moving this country to the left that fast then he’s doing his job right. However, it had moved so far to the right it has a way to go even to get to the center. So, let’s hope he gets 8 years to fix us up. So far I think he’s doing great. So surprised that Michael Steele doesn’t see it that way.

  2. Zen, agreed…the country has been so far to the right that having a center-left president makes the far right freak out way too much. But their meltdown is comedy gold.

    Also, to date, Obama has been doing an incredible job. I disagree with many of his decisions, but I agree with many more.

    And isn’t it nice to have a president we can respect? Did we really chose a president on the basis of competence?

    These really are exciting times as we have an urban President who is African American who has an intellect of steel.

    Poor Michael just doesn’t get it, which makes him a good GOPer.

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