A Second Iranian Revolution?

I’m no expert on Iran. But what I do know about the country is that it contains a well-educated populace that has not been totally loving 30 years of theocratic rule.

Ahmadinejad seems to be popular among Iran’s fundies (they remind me a lot of Bush voters as they tend to be older and more conservative and religious than most) as he represents the theocracy while Moussavi seems to be a reformer who is popular among the secular set and young people. In the says leading up to the election, there appeared to be a groundswell of popular support for Moussavi.

80% of the people voted, we’re told and Ahmadinejad won the official vote in a landslide. The problem is that Ahmadinejad’s victory by such a wide margin makes little sense.

Today, the people of Iran have stood up against dictatorship. Whether the uprising leads to a new Iranian revolution is anyone’s guess.

But the signs are hopeful.


2 responses to “A Second Iranian Revolution?

  1. I’m amazed at the courage of the protesters. I hope they come away with some sort of victory in the short term and succeed in getting the reform they want, at least in the longer term. They’ve got guts to spare.

    • Yeah, Zen, I’m finding this to be a very hopeful moment for the Iranian people, and yeah, their courage is amazing. It’s so funny how so many in the US think of Iran as a country of backward people. The truth is that they’re educated, cosmopolitan, and brave, dreaming of the same things we all dream of.

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