The Trouble with the GOP?

From Ta-Nehisi Coates blog about Mark Sanford:

If patriotism is love of country, then much of the unquestioning GOP rhetoric fails on the rudiments. Is love of kin, love of siblings, love of spouse, telling your beloved, that they are the best person that’s ever existed in history? Or is that  sycophancy, fast talk proffered by loose friends, who in your darkest hours, appeal to your worst self.

The religious right isn’t what’s wrong with the GOP. It’s the pervasive, unthinking, unreflective nationalism. It’s the arrogance of thrice-divorced adulterers reaching for the banner of traditional families, and it’s the arrogance of men who prosecuted a poorly planned war, on weak intelligence, presuming to lecture us on national security.

Beautifully stated.

One of my problems with the GOP, as it is with many Christians is the total lack of doubt and self-reflection.

Sure, all of us are deluded to varying degrees about ourselves, our families, and our countries. We sometimes invent narratives about those things to make understanding easier. It’s a human trait.

But many in the GOP take that trait and carry it to such a degree that it becomes unthinking arrogance. Such hubris can only be destructive to those who possess it when reality doesn’t line up with the impossible standards they have set for themselves.


4 responses to “The Trouble with the GOP?

  1. Not that I particularly agree with the idea, I believe the republican’s last chance will be to turn to Ron Paul to expect any sort of popularity in the next presidential election. That is, if the good doctor is gracious enough to run again.

  2. Well, that, and stupidity. For example, there are some Republicans who argue that the next Republican candidate for President should adopt Ron Paul’s health care plan — eliminate Medicare, eliminate Medicaid, eliminate federal regulation of health insurers, eliminate state regulation of health insurers, eliminate the employer tax deduction for employer-provided health care…

    Now, of course, Medicare has an 80% popularity rating. About the only people who want Medicare eliminated are a small core of Ron Paul cranks and Republican ideologues. But that’s what they propose to run on: Eliminating the most popular government program other than Social Security (which they also want to eliminate but that’s another subject).

    Morons. In a democracy that’s not how you win elections. That’s how you become the marginalized “Party of No”, a bunch of cranks with no power other than that of the sheer bile of being on the wrong side of history.

    – Badtux the “When did Republicans lose their brains?!” Penguin

  3. Did you ever read the study that demonstrates that incompetent people have fewer doubts about their competency than competent ones? I think that has a lot to do with the fix we find ourselves in today.

  4. masterkylelewis

    I like this i might actually research this more in depth!

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