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Bush Is Jeffy

With 12 days left of the Bush regime, I’m almost giddy at the possiblities of an Obama administration, even though we are on the verge of economic collapse. I like to think about seeing President Obama giving a speech in the window of a hardware store while I stand in line to get my grub from a soup kitchen.


This piece may be the first time that I have legitimately laughed at a Family Circus cartoon.

Jeffy seems to understand Bush’s war on terriers.

12 days!


India Is Dead


Am I the only one who didn’t  know that W. and Laura had a cat?

Photo of the Day

Dexter is worried about something.

Dog Blogging – Seeking Advice

There’s this kid in my neighborhood who is going through a hard time. His family is very poor, and since the kid doesn’t eat all that often, I think his dog eats even less.

He has to move from where I live, which is about an hour outside of Indy where the kid has free access to a lake, woods, streams, and where he has a lot of friends to go live in a shitty apartment complex in Indy. That’s sad enough for him.

But worse, his mother told him yesterday that he has to give up his dog (Brownie) and he doesn’t think that his sister can take Brownie.

Like a sucker, I volunteered to be Brownie’s foster parent.

This is Brownie:

Brownie is staying in the garage tonight. He’s sweet as hell, but as thin as a Latin American street dog. He ate five cups of dry food and one can of wet food tonight, whereas my dogs usually eat two cups of dry food each and share a can of wet food daily. He seems to be flea-ridden.

The plan is to take him to the vet tomorrow so he can get his shots and get an examination to determine how healthy he is. That’s the easy part.

Once he is declared to be healthy, I will have to introduce him to my two dogs, Robie and Dexter.

I’ve heard that it’s horrible when two dogs meet a third to join their pack. I’ve also been told that they start fighting and chewing on things when a third dog is introduced.

Does anyone know if this is true? Is there a better way to get them to meet so they all get along?

Dog Blogging and Fireworks

LiveScience asks if fireworks scare pets.

No shit? Why did they even bother?

They conclude that many pets are indeed terrified of fireworks. Here are some of their suggestions to keep your pets safe:

1) Never leave pets alone outdoors, even if tethered or in a fenced yard. Dogs, especially, may escape and become lost or injure themselves by chewing or choking on their leashes. Keep small pets sheltered indoors and horses in their stalls.

2) Put them inside an inner room in the house if possible and make sure all sharp objects are removed from the enclosure.

3) Turn on the radio or TV for distraction.

4) Do not take a pet to fireworks shows.

Good tips, all of them.

But this is Dexter, my Old English Sheepdog:

He’s a good dog, but he’s so scared of the noises associated with fireworks that he won’t go outside to do what he needs to do while neighborhood kids shoot off firecrackers and bottle rockets on the night before the Fourth of July. Those noises scare Dexter shitless. Literally.

I’m fully expecting to have to clean up a pile of brown stuff on my basement floor in the morning. No matter how hard we try, he simply seems to be unable to get over his aversion to loud pops.

Dog Blogging

Sorry, please allow me this indulgence.

Someone once said that the closest you can ever get to God is when a stray animal comes to stay with you.

Robie, the dog in the picture just showed up one day and has since refused to leave. He’s a great dog.

Do you have a good story about a dog that you found on the street, but who ended up becoming your most trusted ally?

Photo of the Day

This one is mine.

Albatross resting on Diego Ramirez, off of Cape Horn.