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Best Baby Products Ever!


This product connects the car seat to the luggage with two ultra-strong straps and snaps that will make your child portable in under a minute. It also comes with a storage bag perfectly suited for diapers and other baby supplies, sparing you the hassle of constantly digging around inside of our carry on.

Stand Up and Stand Still Baby Shower

The baby shower is a modified version of the tying your kid to a tree and hosing him down approach. You simply prop your child in the restrictive tub effectively rendering him powerless to do anything but stand up straight.

Now that little Johnny is nice and still you turn the knob and a showerhead strategically angled directly at your kid’s butt, lets out a blast. And since you’re not behaving like a contortionist trying to hold her kid still while she tries to bathe him, you can actually play with your kid without worrying about dropping, or worse yet, drowning him!

Milkscreen Moms

Doctors customarily tell breastfeeding mothers to wait two hours after alcohol consumption before baby’s next meal. However, paranoid new moms will only take this advice with a grain of salt, sometimes fearing transmission of alcohol into their little one’s system even 24 hours after the cocktail party. In an attempt to give mommies peace of mind, two Texas moms have developed Milkscreen, a breast milk tester kit that is available for purchase through many mainstream stores.

Giant Microbes!

When you think baby present, you think cute, right? Cuddly? Educational? How about infectious? Contagious? Deadly? GIANTmicrobes® are accurate and (mostly) adorable representations of germs, bacteria, viruses and other no-see-ums at 1,000,000x magnification.