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And This Is Bad News?

OK, yes, in this economy, I don’t relish any business going under.

But still, I think this might be good for the county’s soul:

A new study by AlixPartners, an international business-advisory firm, suggests that up to 40 percent of the nation’s chain restaurants could be fighting for their very survival within the next 12 months.

The startling study reveals that many chains are taking a beating as a result of a combined one-two punch of fewer diners spending less money and massive debt. AlixPartners’ analysts described the plight of the industry as worrisome, citing low-price, quick-service eateries as the lone bright spot.

Four out of ten chain restaurants may go under in the next year? Does that mean that we can say goodbye to bland and “fun” places like TGI Friday’s and Applebee’s in favor of locally-run restaurants serving ethnic and local cuisine that have some heart?

Can we do away with crap like Buffalo chicken tenders, blossoming onions, and fried cheese spooge?

A guy can dream.


El Mojito – Edited

After all of the rain we have been getting in Indiana, I was glad to relax on the deck was exciting to have a dry and comfortable evening on the deck. I hope we have many more evenings like this one in the near future, free of floods, mostly.

But while being out there, I felt the need to mix one of my favorite drinks: the mojito.

To me, mojitos are like comfort food, except that they are drinks.

How do you make a good one? This is my process:

Squeeze the juice from two key limes into a glass.

Add a dash or two of simple syrup, according to taste.

Tear up four mint leaves and place them in the glass.

Muddle those ingredients.

Add ice to the rim.

Pour rum to the top of the glass.

Enjoy, use, and drink your mojito.

(On edit it seems clear that when I wrote the first version of this post, I had already had a few mojitos.)