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If you have HBO and missed it, check out Recount.

It takes us back to 2000, during those strange days when we all found new way to live. Remember hurrying home from work each day to learn more about chads? Remember throwing things at your TV when one of the Bush people said something disingenuous and thinking, “Nah, they’ll never get away with that?” Remember when Katherine Harris was our national villain? Remember thinking the Democrats were wimps in that fight?

It’s all there in Recount.

I had erased those days and the intense feelings they entailed from my memory. For the last eight years, I think most of us (well, people reading this blog, at least) have been suffering from outrage fatigue, so it’s easy to not think back about the outrage that put this bunch of Bush clowns in office.

Tom Shales describe the film well:

Placed under a figurative high-def microscope and examined studiously but at a riveting pace, “Recount” recounts in brisk and crisp docudrama style how Gore was pushed aside even after winning the national popular vote — a defeat marked by bungling, bumbling and seemingly malicious mischief in the state of Florida. The film is a clarifying cautionary tale that concedes both that full clarification is probably impossible and that cautionary warnings could well go unheeded as early as November.

If nothing else, watch Recount for Laura Dern’s performance as Katherine Harris. The Queen Esther scene made me smile.