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That’s Irritainment!

I don’t know why I did this, but while flipping around the TV, I came across  I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!


If you’re not familiar with the concept, think of “Survivor” with “celebrities”who have to perform “challenges” like eating bugs to avoid being thrown off the “island.” And they fight. And then they pray.

The Fundie Balwin was one, as were Lou Diamond Phillips (has his career collapsed?), a woman named Janice Dickinson who always looks drunk, Patty Blagojevich, a former NBA player named Salley, Sanjaya in a mowhawk, and then a bunch more people that I’ve never seen before. There also was a woman named Heidi who apparently was on something called “The Hill” and her petulant husband named Spencer who is a new Christian (his wife says that’s the reason he’s such an asshole) and who fancies himself as the “King of America.” And there were three other women, one who is a wrestler or ulitmate fighter or something named Torrie and a comic team consisting of two women who call themselves Frangela.

Anyway, I didn’t see the beginning of the show, but I did see Spencer get mad at Torrie for some reason and hide her backback. Frangela made snarky remarks, while Sanjaya wandered around.

The highlight had to have been when Patty Blagojevich told her side of the story. The drunk woman totally believed her and Heidi and Spencer did too. Apparently, poor Rod was set up because he was too Christ-like or something, but he’ll prevail because the “truth” always wins. And then they prayed and ate bugs.

My problem with the show was that it was so loathesome, so empty and so completely lacking compelling personalities, that I’ll probably tune in more often than would be healthy.