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Photo of the Day

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Iguazu Falls, Argentina


Bush in China

I’ve been enjoying the opening ceremonies of the Beijing games.

The Chinese have put on a hell of a show, and they should be very proud.

But our Dear Leader was at the ceremonies and he pissed me off a couple of times.

First, NBC showed him shaking his foot and checking his watch during the Parade of Nations (which I love to watch). He seemed to be bored and annoyed that he had to be there.

Second, when the Iraqi team passed by, Bush clapped politely and smirked. The smirk was very clear. Upon seeing the Iraqi delegation, I would think that the American president who “liberated” Iraq would have gotten on his feet and clapped his heart out. Bush should have at least acted like he was proud to see the Iraqis there, but being the arrogant fuck that he is, he just clapped politely.

Even if McCain wins, it will be good to have an American president who is not GW Bush in office.

Beijing Olympics – Why Do I Have a Bad Feeling About Them?

I really hope that the Olympics in China go well.

But this concerns me:

With less than two weeks to go before the Olympics open in Beijing, the Chinese government is facing the horrendous possibility of terrorist attacks aimed at the Games. On July 23 an apparent terrorist group released a video taking responsibility for bus bomb blasts a few days before in the southwestern city of Kunming that killed two people. The group also claimed as its own another attack in Shanghai that killed three people in May.

As does this from Amnesty International via the BBC:

The human rights situation in China has deteriorated, not improved, with its hosting of the Olympic Games this year, campaigners Amnesty International say.

It documents the use of “re-education through labour”, the suppression of rights activists and journalists, and the use of arbitrary imprisonment.

I’m concerned that threats of terrorism, combined with human rights abuses, environmental problems,  and a resurgent Chinese nationalism may be a toxic combination.

I worry that Chinese government and some Chinese nationalists might respond too negatively to the  inevitable criticism of the games and security measures. I wonder if the protests against human rights policies in China might provoke a harsh backlash from Chinese citizens who feel that their country is not treated fairly as a major world power.

This all seems like a recipe for disaster.

I hope I’m wrong.

Photo of the Day

From the Independent:

A fighting bull jumps over two fallen revellers at the Mercaderes curve.

I’ve always had a strange desire to see the running of the bulls in Pamplona. Maybe I read too much Hemmingway at one point in my life?

Regardless, this is a great piece of photography.

Photo of the Day

Buenos Aires, 2003

Photo of the Day

Another one of mine.

Some building, Indianapolis, IN. August, 2007

Photo of the Day

Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois, sometime in July 2007.

This is another one of mine.